Got a question or need assistance?

First, check out our FAQ section below to get an instant response to your question.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, use the form to get in touch or email [email protected].

Our support team is available during regular business hours, Monday to Friday, and typically respond within 24-48 hours. As a Community member, your email will be given priority.

You can also use the box below to send us a message directly through Facebook! Please note: You must be logged in to Facebook to use this feature.


How can I change my payment information?

If you need to change your method of payment, please complete this secure form or, navigate to your Dashboard > Settings > Payments. There is a link to update in there!


When your reading is ‘delivered’, you will get an email letting you know. This email will ask you to login to your free-account at to review your reading, and leave feedback. The reading itself will NOT be delivered to your email. You’ll know that the reading is still awaiting your feedback by the purple bar that says “Status: AWAITING FEEDBACK”

Click on the teal SEND FEEDBACK button to be taken to the reading. ​ You will be taken to a new page, where you can review your reading, and leave your feedback. Follow the 4 steps below to successfully leave feedback. ​

  1. Click in the box next to “Submit Feedback” to populate a checkmark
  2. Provide a star-rating as you see appropriate
  3. Type your detailed feedback in the text box. Please be specific! The more you can share with your reader, the more he or she can expand their skills for next time!

If you follow these steps – you are sure to leave ‘proper’ feedback. Let us know if you run into any troubles!


Make sure it’s been at least 7 days since you requested your reading, then contact your assigned Tarot reader directly. If you don’t hear back AND If it has been 10 days or more since you made your request, please fill out THIS FORM so that we may contact your reader to see what has happened.


The readers in our group are all at different stages of development when it comes to their Tarot reading skills. Some are more experienced than others, and some are very new to reading Tarot for ‘clients’. We’ve purposefully created a safe and supportive environment for our readers to learn to read Tarot and practice their Tarot reading skills. So, sometimes you may receive a reading that doesn’t live up to expectations. But the advantage is that you’ve received a free reading.

Here’s what you can do now:

  1. First, contact your reader and share your constructive feedback with them. The intention here is to give the reader an opportunity to learn and benefit from your feedback.
  2. Second, know that sometimes Tarot readings don’t always make sense straight away. Brigit often recommends waiting a few weeks and then coming back to the Tarot reading again to see if the messages resonate with you. You might like to do this.
  3. Third, know that every Tarot reader has their own unique style. Sometimes that style will resonate, other times it won’t. That’s just part of finding the right Tarot reader for you.

Of course, if there was something in your experience that you feel needs our immediate attention (e.g. an unethical approach or inappropriate behaviour), then please let me know and I will follow up with your assigned reader. We take these situations seriously and want to ensure that all of our readers are acting within general ethical boundaries.


If you’re an aspiring Tarot reader and would like to gain valuable experience by reading for the general public in exchange for feedback, then become a member of the Biddy Tarot Community!


How can I receive notifications on new posts and replies?

If you would like to receive notifications of new topics in a forum, navigate to – and click on Subscribe beside the Forum that you wish to receive notifications for.

How can I can I see all of the forum posts I’ve made?

Navigate to your Dashboard, and click on “Forums”. Here you will see all of the Topics you have started, as well as any Replies you’ve created, threads that you’ve “Favorited” and forums that you’ve subscribed to.

Free Tarot Readings

How can I become a free reader?

You can activate your Free Tarot Readings (FTR) profile by navigating to your Dashboard, and then to your Reader’s Hub. In the Availability section of the Home tab, click ‘Yes’ beside “Are you accepting readings?” and set your time-zone and how many readings you would like to take each day, and click ‘save’. You can take as many (or as few) readings as you would like, on whichever days you choose. If you do not want to receive requests on a particular day, just leave that day set to ‘0’.

What if I want to de-activate my Free Tarot Readings profile?

You can deactivate your Reader profile simply by selecting ‘No’ next to “Are you accepting readings?” in the Availability section of the Home tab in the Reader’s Hub.

What are the guidelines and expectations of a Free Tarot Reader?

Please review the Free Tarot Reader Agreement.

Is there a guide or instructions for Free Tarot Readers?

Yes, please download the FTR Starter Kit for written instructions on navigating the Tarot Reader Hub, tips on giving readings and managing your time wisely, templates for your readings and much more!

Do I need special training to do Free Tarot Readings or can I start now?

You can start reading on the Free Tarot Readings platform at any time – you don’t need special training or experience. If you are brand new to Tarot, we recommend that you take the time review the FTR Starter Kit and to complete the Tarot 101 Course before you jump in!


How can I change my email address?

Navigate to the Settings tab from ‘My Dashboard’. You are able to change your email address in the ‘General’ tab.

How do I change my password?

Navigate to the Settings tab from ‘My Dashboard’. You are able to change your password in the ‘General’ tab.

How can I change my Display name for the Forums?

Navigate to ‘Profile’ from ‘My Dashboard’, and click ‘Edit’. You will see 3 teal boxes on this scree. Click on the one that says ‘Community Member’, then go ahead and change your Display Name to something you love! Your Display Name is the name shown to your fellow Community Members on your profile, and in the Forums.

Learning Tarot

How do I sign up for the next live masterclass?

You can sign up for any of the live webinars here on the Masterclasses page.


How can I change my payment information?

If you need to change your method of payment, please complete this secure form or, navigate to your Dashboard > Settings > Payments. There is a link to update in there!

I would like to cancel my membership

We are sorry to hear that you want to cancel your Biddy Tarot Community Membership! If you are 100% sure there is nothing we can help you with so that you can stay with us, then please navigate to the cancellation link inside of the Community by going to Your Dashboard > Settings > Payments. You will find the link to cancel there. Please note that once your cancellation is processed, you will no longer have access to the Community or the Free Tarot Readings platform. Please also be aware that we maintain a limited refund policy for Biddy Tarot Community memberships as your membership requires a significant investment of time, energy and love. For more information on refunds, please refer to the detailed refund policy contained in our Full T&Cs HERE.

How do I upload a photo?

You can have up to 3 different profile photos, plus a cover image to personalise your experience in the Community.

To set your photo for your Community Member profile, Navigate to ‘Profile’ from ‘My Dashboard’, and click ‘Change Profile Photo’. Follow the instructions here.

To set your photo for your Free Tarot Reader profile, Navigate to ‘Profile’ from ‘My Dashboard’, and click ‘Edit’. Then click the teal ‘FTR Reader’ button. You can then choose a photo from your computer. This photo will be displayed to your assigned clients.

To set your photo for when you submit a question as a client, Navigate to ‘Profile’ from ‘My Dashboard’ and click ‘Edit’. Then click the teal ‘FTR Customer’ button. You can then choose a photo from your computer. This photo will be displayed to your assigned reader.

To change your profile cover image, Navigate to ‘Profile’ from ‘My Dashboard’, and click ‘Change cover image’. Follow the instructions here.

How do I upgrade my monthly membership to an annual membership?

You can upgrade to the annual membership plan at any time, at the current annual rate. Simply navigate to My Dashboard > Settings > Payments and you will see a button to upgrade!

Can I pause my monthly membership?

It is possible! Contact the team at [email protected] to discuss your options.

How do I find a Study-Buddy?

To find a Study-Buddy, first take a cruise through the Biddy Tarot Community Directory. If you see someone you would like to connect with, send them a private message! If you are a student of our Certification Program, Master the Tarot Card Meanings or Read the Tarot with Confidence courses, you may want to post a notice in the course’s forum . No Luck? Fill out the Study Buddy Request Form, and the Team will try to find you someone based on your needs! [Read the details about the Study-Buddy Program HERE!]

Will the live masterclasses be recorded?

Yes, live masterclasses will be recorded and can be found in the Masterclasses Library.

What Tarot deck do you use in the tutorials?

It’s the Radiant Rider Waite Tarot deck and it’s available from Amazon here.

Do I need special training to do Free Tarot Readings or can I start now?

You can start reading on the Free Tarot Readings platform at any time – you don’t need special training or experience! Just your intuition and a desire to begin. However, I recommend completing the Tarot 101 Course first (inside the Community) and doing a few Tarot readings for yourself, friends and family (or your fellow Community members). That way, you’ll be ready to read Tarot for strangers!

How do I search in the Community Member’s Directory?

Using the Member’s Directory, you can search for a specific Biddy Tarot Community member, find a Tarot Study Buddy, search for members in your home town, or even find members that are at around about the same stage in their Tarot Journey as your are! All you need to do is login to the Community, and click on the purple ‘Directory’ Button found on the Home page!

OR, if you’re not on the home page, simply glide your mouse over Forums in the menu at the top of the page. A drop-down menu will appear, and you can click on Member’s Directory! Find who you’re looking for by entering your search terms in the Search box. You can search by name or location, and also use the Experience Level drop-down menu to narrow your search to with Beginner, Aspiring or Professional Tarot Readers, and whether the user is looking for a Tarot Study Buddy or not. Just enter your search terms, and click search!

For example, in the image below, the user has conducted a search for 1) any user in the United States, 2) that was a Tarot Beginner, and 3) was looking for a Tarot Study Buddy: ​ If you would prefer to browse through the Member Directory and maybe find someone whose details spark something in you, simply click on the purple ‘All Members’ button shown in the above image, rather than doing a specific search.

How do I start a New Forum Topic?

Starting a new Forum topic is simple, learn how below:

  1. Firstly, navigate over to the Forums page, and choose the Forum Category that your new topic best fits into!
  2. Once you are in the appropriate Forum, scroll to the bottom of the page until you find the “Create New Topic” Box.
  3. It is then as simple as:
    1. Choosing a Title for your Topic,
    2. Starting the Conversation off and
    3. Adding a couple of tags (words relating to your topic, separated by commas or semi-colons) that will assist other users in finding the topic they’re looking for information on!

You can also opt to be notified by email of any and all new replies to your topic by checking the box.

Further down the page, you will find the Attachments Feature which allows you to add a picture or file relevant to your topic, for all users to see!

To use this feature, simply click on select file, find your image/document in your device storage, and click open to upload it!

You also have the option to add a caption to your file, and also insert it directly into your topic post along with your words.

If you do not choose to insert the file into the topic content, it will simply be shown as an attachment to your post (readers then have to click on the image to open it, rather than have it load immediately inside your post). ​

When you’re happy with the topic you’ve created, hit Submit, and enjoy the discussion! ​You’ve successfully created a New Forum Topic!

What is the TarotPath?

Great question! The TarotPath is a step-by-step system for not only tracking your progress in the world of Tarot but also your very own personal guide, showing you exactly which step is right for you next. Think of it like a GPS for Tarot! It is a completely optional tool inside of the Community, that you control. Give it a try!

Technical Issues

The masterclass/video will not play. What do I do?

Try copying and pasting the webinar or video URL into a fresh new window. To do this, simply copy the URL from your address bar, close your internet browser entirely, open up your browser again, and paste the URL into the address bar. If you continue to have trouble, check your internet connection to be sure you have a strong connection and speed. You may also need to reboot your modem and/or your computer and clear all caches in your browser history.

Some of the features in the Community are not working correctly for me. Why?

Our site has been optimized to work best using the Google Chrome browser. If you are using another browser, please download Chrome and try again. If that doesn’t work … Please email the team and describe what feature is not working so that we can look into it! *note – there is an incompatibility issue with the Safari browser.

I’m trying to upload a new profile picture, but it won’t update.

Please wait a few minutes for your picture to upload. You will receive notification of your successful upload at the bottom of your screen. If after 24 hours you have checked again and the picture still has not uploaded, please email a copy of the new profile photo, along with your user login, and we’ll update it for you.

The videos are taking a long time to load/always buffering. How do I fix this?

Please clear your browser cache, your cookies, and your browser history. Free-up your bandwidth by closing any open tabs or programs that update frequently (for example, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox) and then try reloading the page. If you continue to have trouble, please get in touch with the Biddy Team and we will do our best to assist you!

I am getting a ‘404 Error Message’ when I navigate to some pages.

Please email the team and let us know the URL of the page you are attempting to access. We will look into it!