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Free Tarot Readings

I Accidentally left the Wrong Star Rating for my Reader. How can I fix this?

Sometimes the wrong star rating is accidentally left when the feedback box is being filled out, but it's no worries! If you would like to update the Star Rating you gave your Reader, we can certainly help.

Simply send an email to [email protected], or fill out the contact from on this page, making sure to include the Reading Number, and a short description of why the rating needs to be changed, and the team will adjust the rating for you immediately.

How do I become a Free Tarot Reader?

If you are interested giving Free Tarot Readings and would like to gain valuable experience by reading for the general public in exchange for feedback, all you need to do is become a member of the Biddy Tarot Community!

I'm not happy with my Free Tarot Reading.

I am sorry to hear that!

The readers in our group are all at different stages of development when it comes to their Tarot reading skills. Some are more experienced than others, and some are very new to reading Tarot for 'clients'.

We've purposefully created a safe and supportive environment for our readers to learn to read Tarot and practice their Tarot reading skills. So, sometimes you may receive a reading that doesn't live up to expectations. But the advantage is that you've received a free reading.

Here's what you can do now:

First, contact your reader and share your constructive feedback with them. The intention here is to give the reader an opportunity to learn and benefit from your feedback.

Second, know that sometimes Tarot readings don't always make sense straight away. Brigit often recommends waiting a few weeks and then coming back to the Tarot reading again to see if the messages resonate with you. You might like to do this.

Third, know that every Tarot reader has their own unique style. Sometimes that style will resonate, other times it won't. That's just part of finding the right Tarot reader for you.

Of course, if there was something in your experience that you feel needs our immediate attention (e.g. an unethical approach or inappropriate behaviour), then please let me know and I will follow up with your assigned reader. We take these situations seriously and want to ensure that all of our readers are acting within general ethical boundaries.

I haven't received my Free Tarot Reading.

If it has been at least 8 days since you requested your reading, then contact your assigned Tarot reader directly. If you don’t hear back AND it has been 10 days or more since you made your request, please fill out THIS FORM so that we may contact your reader to see what has happened.

How do I give feedback on my reading?

When your reading is ready, you will get an email letting you know. This email will ask you to login to your free-account to review your reading, and leave feedback. The reading itself will NOT be delivered to your email.

After you've logged into your account, look for the reading with the purple bar that says "Status: AWAITING FEEDBACK"

Click on the teal SEND FEEDBACK button, to be taken to the reading.

You will be taken to a new page, where you can review your reading, and leave your feedback. Follow the steps below to successfully leave feedback.

  1. Choose a star-rating. 1 to 5 stars, depending on your satisfaction. If you hover over the individual stars, you will see a description of each.
  2. Type your detailed feedback in the text box. Please be specific! The more you can share with your reader, the more he or she can expand their skills for next time! Here are some ideas ...
    1. What part of the reading did you like?
    2. What part of the reading did you not like?
    3. Was your reader professional?
    4. Did you reading provide you with actionable suggestions in relation to your question?

If you follow these steps - you are sure to leave 'proper' feedback. Let us know if you run into any troubles!

Can I choose my Free Tarot Reader?

No, unfortunately this is not currently an option. Requests are randomly allocated to the next available reader as they are submitted.

CLICK HERE to watch a video about requesting a Free Tarot Reading!

How often can I request a Free Tarot Reading?

You may request a Tarot reading once every 30 days. CLICK HERE to watch a video about requesting a Free Tarot Reading!

How do I access my Free Tarot Reading?

To access your free reading, you must be logged in to


There are no readers available, what do I do?

This is a very popular, free service - that is available based on how many of our members have signed up to take readings for the day.
Since our members are from all over the world, spanning many different time zones - spots become available throughout the day. Please come back another time to see if there is availability!


How do I change my password?

Navigate to the Settings tab from ‘My Dashboard’. You are able to change your password in the ‘General’ tab.

If you have lost your password, please CLICK HERE to find out how it can be reset.

We also have a short video tutorial available for you to watch - CLICK HERE to check it out!

How can I change my email address?

Navigate to the Settings tab from ‘My Dashboard’.

You are able to change your email address in the ‘General’ tab.

We also have a short video tutorial available for you to watch - CLICK HERE to check it out!


Technical Issues

I am having troubles logging in, help!

In order to see this message, you would have to be logged in ... please look at the top right of your screen - it should have a button that says "Log Out".

If this is not the case, please send an email to [email protected] and the team will assist you!

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